Why Wordbox is Unique?

Fleksy Keyboard lets you type without having to look at your screen. You can miss every letter and Fleksy will still figure out exactly what you meant to type. Consider yourself warned - you will fall in love with your keyboard! Fleksy App

Why Wordbox?

With Wordbox you can type without any distractions. We mean, you can type without looking at the screen. You can adjust the font size and font family. You can move the cursor like never before. Then, you can save your files on your Dropbox, or maybe share them on your Wordpress, Blogger or Tumblr blog. You can also export your documents to pdf or html and then send them by email to your friends, colleagues. Your files are beautifully organised in folders and subfolders. The files can be archived or moved from folders to folders. Well, what we have done is a perfect tool for you to help you in your everyday life.

What our Wordbox Family says?

★★★★★ Awesome!
"Beautiful modern editor, ton of features. And Fleksy keyboard coming soon!" - Toaster_2012

★★★★★ Great app with a great language
"This app is beautiful and does what it says on the package, and does it well. But the main reason I want to write a review is to say what an amazing innovation/implementation the so-called "Magical Scroll Button" turns out to be. Moving the cursor on a touch screen has never been easy, until now. This thing is just super simple and super functional. The only downside for the developers is that this mechanism for cursor movement is SO great that Apple might just steal it for the built-in keyboard. So, even before Fleksy is implemented, this keyboard is the best I've ever used on my iPhone." - CS Bradley

★★★★★ Clean, elegant design
"Kudos on the design and functional aspects of a cool word-smithing app. Everything flows and performs nicely. And Fleksy is a superb design decision!" - vmanjz

★★★★★ Five stars
"Intuitive yet powerful. Best text editor out there." - JohnDalez